Are you wondering what your best lesbian toys are?


The reason we are writing this article is that we are often asked If we can suggest some lesbian toys.

Yes, we understand! Picking the right one can definitely spice up (or save) your sex life.

Just follow the guide below and you will get the answer! Here we go!


lesbian toy-lesbians using toys


Ways to Have Orgasms


There is no such way/toy that can satisfy everyone’s needs.

In order to choose the best lesbian toys,

you should first figure out the different ways you can try to achieve orgasm.


1. Clitoral orgasm


The clitoris is located above the vaginal opening and it’s where females typically experience sexual pleasure.

Knowing your preference for clitoral orgasms is important.

It can be ranged into direct or indirect stimulation which is achieved through touching the clitoris,or through the labia and clitoral hood.

Your fingers, palm, or vibrator are all tools that work for you.

2. Vaginal orgasm/ G-spot orgasm


Vaginal orgasm, or the G-spot, results from stimulation of the area on the anterior vaginal wall that produces intense sexual pleasure.

Use a come-hither motion to stimulate or toy rubbing/ vibrating that area so you can enjoy a very intense and very wet orgasm when stimulated. 


Tips: Pee first! Otherwise, you risk preventing yourself from climaxing.

3. Cervical orgasm/ C-spot orgasm


A cervical orgasm or C-spot can lead to a full-body orgasm that can send waves of tingly pleasure to every single part of your body. 

Your clitoris is shaped like a wishbone, which you can find on either side of your vaginal opening.

You can have your partner or a penetrative toy hit your cervix, while the doggy-style position allows for deep penetration.

4. Nipple orgasm


Of course, we all know where the nipples are,

but not everyone knows it is an erogenous zone and some can orgasm solely from their stimulation!

Gently touching the area right above the areola can be best for breast action at first.

In addition to breathing on, licking, sucking, and pinching the nipples, using a vibrator is a great way to stimulate as well.

5. Anal orgasm


Women can also reach orgasm through anal stimulation.

You can stimulate the area with a finger or anal toys.

The first step is to apply enough lube with your fingers and then massage it around your anus.



Consider these when choosing lesbian toys!



toys for lesbians-lesbians playing with toys


Meanwhile, you should never ignore the following factors:

1. Size

Choose according to your own or your partner's size.

If this is your first time using Plug-in sex toys, buy thinner or smaller ones.

2. Style

It depends on how you react to your partner. It could be on-way/ two-way lesbian toys like Mini vibrators vs.

Double Vibrator or plug-in / non-plug-in toys like Strap-on toys vs. Vibrators

3. Texture

The texture of toys is affected by their material, and the texture has a great influence on comfort.

Therefore, it is recommended to buy high-quality brands to guarantee the texture of the material.



4. Vibration intensity

Look carefully before buying!

Some toys have varying vibration intensity options, while some do not.

Sometimes higher vibration intensity is not always better,

because some people are unable to adapt and may even feel uncomfortable with it.




10 Lesbian Toy Recommendations

For the purpose of helping everyone to have a better sex life,
we have selected 10 products for you to use in different situations.

Scroll down to learn more:


For Newbie


Monster Pub-vibrating double dong

We describe this toy as a "Girl's Gameboy''.

There are two significant functions: Suck and Vibrate.

Not only waterproof but also easy to operate and store.

The perfect choice to take with you when traveling!


2. Newbie Sucking Toys | OSUGA: G-Spa Clitoral Sucking & G-Spot Vibrator


osuga-clit sucker

It can take you to a speedy clitoral orgasm, and you can massage the G-spot with zero difficulties.

The design of 7 stages of vibration and 3 stages of sucking intensity is definitely suitable for beginners.

Bring a baby seal home today!


3. Newbie Dildos | Monster Pub: Flex Heartbeat Vibrator


strap-on toy-best strapon for lesbians


This heart-beat vibrator is definitely the shopkeeper's favorite sex toy in recent years because it is super multi-purpose:

as a G-spot toy, a vibro egg, and a strap-on toy.

It is super soft and can be twisted at nearly 360 degrees.

This is indeed a good helper to explore the G-spot!


4. Newbie Strap-ons | Erocome Cancri


Lesbian Strapless-strapons for lesbians


This amazing remote control Strap-on toy is launched by the Hong Kong brand Erocome.

The Strapless design saves you the trouble of wearing additional pants.

It is very suitable for girls who want to enjoy the pleasure together with their lovers.

Featuring a double-headed and thinner design with 3 levels of vibration,

we’re pretty sure it's perfect for strapless beginners!


5. Newbie Anal Toys | Avant: Kaleido Anal Plug



anal toys-anal plug


Modern, stylish, and beautiful – meet Avant Kaleido.

Kaleido has a tapered head for easy insertion and a larger secondary curve for additional sensations during play.

It is an anal toy that keeps the plug comfortable for long-term wear!


For advanced user


6. Temptasia: Luna Strapless Silicone Vibratin Dildo


Double dong-strapless strap on


Are you looking for a Double dong?

The Temptasia Luna Strapless Dildo with Vibrating Bullet brings pleasure to everyone!

This elegantly curved toy features two ends – a delicately rounded bulb and a gently textured shaft.

Insert the powerful 10-function bullet vibe into Temptasia Luna and enjoy its deep, rumbly vibrations along with your partner.  


7. Zalo: Bess Clitoral Massager



clit massager-best clitoral massager

This is a set of three attachments for clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Available in 3 colors: Velvet Purple, Turquoise Green, and Obsidian Black.

DirectPower technology provides the most accurate stimulation to your sensitive points.

And that's the way to achieving a full-body orgasm!


For Everyone


8. YY Horse: Mini Peeled Banana Vibrator



YY horse-toys for lesbians


Don't underestimate this cute and soft banana.

Its strong vibration can fulfill all your needs!


It is a golden size that suits Asian girls, and also contains 10 levels of vibrations.

The most important is that the peel of the banana will also vibrate together.

What a perfect lesbian toy to stimulate G-spot, clitoris, and vulva at the same time.


9. Fun Factory: ShareVibe



Fun Factory-Sharevibe


ShareVibe is made of high-grade medical silicone, which is soft and elastic.

The unique shape design helps two people get closer, and feel each other's friction and body shaking.

It can perfectly help with stimulating the G-spot, and the U-shaped design allows you to use it alone.

There is no doubt that everyone should give it a try!


10. Masturbator Combo: Mooma Warming Rotating G-Spot Vibrator + Indulge Warm Whitening Lubricant



lesbian toy-lubricant


You can't miss the trunk rotation and ear vibration functions.

The intelligent warming vibrator with a soft design fits your needs.

We believe the combination of G-Spot Vibrator + Lubricant is a perfect match.

Give you a warm G-spot orgasm experience!






Why Les’Play



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while the couple's relationships can also be elevated to a whole new level.


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